Keep Your Phone Number


One of the most common questions we hear is: Do I get to keep my phone number? Well of course you do!  The Telecommunications ACT of 1996 passed by Congress allows business owners the rights to their phone numbers and they cannot be taken from them by any phone company. As long as you pay your phone bill, that number is yours!

We cannot say the same for the phone line providers like Spectrum, AT&T and Windstream.  We have witnessed that when a customer attempts to move their business from one side of town to another, not all the phone companies can accommodate them with keeping their phone numbers.  Sometimes they have to pay outrageous forwarding fees and pay for multiple calling paths (just so their customers don’t get a busy signal when they call).  

But rest assured, you can take your phone number across town or across the country!  Yes, we can make a 704 area code ring in Hawaii if you are going to move your business there!  In fact, we can provide you with many choices for phone numbers and 800 toll free services if that is what you need.  The technology is here and we are ready to help you move your business forward and make you a more efficient and effective player in today’s market. 


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